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Spinal Manipulation - Ayurveda - Naturopathy - Polarity Therapy - Iridology - Reflexology - Massage - Meditation - Vegetarian Cooking - Yin Yoga

 Timbs Natural Therapy Clinic opened in 1980

Phone 06.868.5790

9 Wairere Rd, Wainui Beach, Gisborne, NZ

How is the Timbs Natural Therapy Clinic different?

  1. Fee - clients pay what you think is a fair price

  2. Open all hours - I work from home so I'm available after hours

  3. My main practice is Spinal Manipulation but I also offer a potpourri of other therapies

  4. My intention is to always 'fix' a persons ailment in ONE appointment only

I started my Natural Therapy experience at the age of 15 when I visited a western trained medical doctor for the treatment of acne. I had no previous experience with medical doctors and as a treatment for acne it was recommended I dig up Yellow Dock Root, boil it in water and have 2 Tbs of the liquid before each meal. It tasted foul but it worked. I learned years later that the medical doctor I visited was also a trained herbalist.

Welcome to the unique combination of services I offer relating to Mind/Body medicine and personal Well-Being.

onation only or Koha (what you think is a fair amount) is the method of payment for all services.

Modalities Explained

Spinal Manipulation

- is appropriate for the relief of musculoskeletal pain (headaches, back and neck ache, sciatica) and the increase in the passive range of motion, through massaging the back followed by gentle manipulation of the spinal vertebrae.


- is the science of self healing, Ayurveda encompasses nutrition and herbs, lifestyle, exercise, rest and relaxation, mediation, and cleansing programs for healing the body, mind and spirit. It is appropriate for preventative health, treatment of common ailments and is complementary to western medical treatments.


- is a therapy based on natural remedies and the bodies ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathy is either a stand alone science or used in conjunction with western medicine. Treatments include nutritional, herbal, mineral or lifestyle recommendations.

Polarity Therapy

- is appropriate for mental and physical stress, pain, fatigue or low energy, overall health and well-being. It is a modality using bodywork (soft pressure point manipulation), polarity yoga, diet, and self awareness (mental & emotional attitude) to release blocks in the body - the underlying cause of disease


- relax with a pre & post sports, relaxation, lymphatic drainage or general therapeutic massage.


- your eyes are the 'mirror of the soul'. This diagnostic method of studies the irises to observe the stages of degeneration and toxicity in the body organs and systems and then Naturopathy or Ayurveda treatment methods are applied.


- is relaxing and non-invasive. Reflexology involves massaging the feet and applying pressure on specific locations that reflex to body organs and systems.

Yin Yoga

- Yin Yoga is a cooling practice that will create a gentle traction of the connective tissue. Yin Yoga targets the joints to mobilise and strengthen them. Yin Yoga is a softer more traditional style of yoga with a meditative quality when postures are held in a relaxed manner, over time. Yin Yoga classes are appropriate for people of all ages and all abilities.

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