July & August 2011

I've been back from my 7 week trip to Kansas, Colorado and Barbados for about 3 weeks and its cold here. I got use to the summer heat over there and loved the warm ocean of Barbados, the mountain views and climate of Boulder, Colorado, and the teaching opportunities and old friends in Kansas. I'd do it all again tomorrow, or same time next year, if everyone want me again.

The Highlights? Making all my flight connection on the way to Kansas - 35 hour nonstop travelling, then not making all my connections to Barbados and had to fly across the US 2x in the one day = Chicago to Miami then missed flight to Barbados so got redirected to Toronto to stay in a hotel for a few hours before flying to Barbados the next morning and arriving a day late. Then leaving there 10 days later the plane was overbooked so again I missed my flight and had an extra day in Barbados in a beautiful hotel over looking the beach and with a perfect pool. And I got a complimentary $1200 USD American Airlines travel voucher - thank you! I arrived home a day late but again another 35 hour flight from Barbados, Miami, LA, Auckland to Gisborne.

Other Highlights? My friends in Kansas, teaching a 60 Ayurveda course for Darryl Olive at www.KCFitnessLink.com, teaching for Nicole Wilt at www.completebody.net, also for Darling Yoga www.darlingyoga.com then driving the 10 hours to Denver and Boulder. Thank you Nate for hosting us in Denver - we met at Wainui beach and then again in Denver. You can make the world a small place if you so desire. And a huge thank you to Stacy in Boulder for hosting us there. Loved the time together and the place.

Other Highlights? BARBADOS - Stacey, Lauren, Hillaire and husbands and children - you hosted me with such kindness - thank you again and again. I hope I reciprocated with Ayurveda knowledge. And also my surf guide Jodie - love you and again thank you.

Its home now and I've stopped the Polarity Yoga classes - not enough interest but will do them for anyone if they request. Same with teaching Ayurveda - just ask.

I've just read Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt http://happinesshypothesis.com/ I highly recommend it.

Now I'm onto Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Joshua Mutscheller