November - December

I am continuing the Donation Only or Koha for all services indefinitely Why? So people can try something new (like Polarity Therapy to relax), pay what they can afford, and I have for years wanted to work on a donation only basis - I'd rather people get the treatment they want without cost being a consideration.

I have now decided to make DONATION ONLY or KOHA (pay what you think is a fair amount) as the permanent method of payment. The clinic has been busy, there haven't been any monthly talks, vegetarian cooking classes or workshops yet this year. I'm presently working on getting the website up to date and trying to co-ordinate workshops for overseas during our winter - so far things are not matching up so time will tell. But if everything happens as it would in a perfect world I will get back to Kansas, visit Maine for the first time and Barbados :). New Zealand workshops in the pipeline are in Napier and Taupo so far - but no dates yet!

Other than that I'm working my way through the Anastasia by Vladimir Megre series of 9 books - just finishing #3 but they are an interesting read - especially if you are after a little of 'where is the world at', what's  mans place on this planet, does Nature have any answers to these questions, and do we live to our potential?'

Joshua Mutscheller