September 2012

I am back home in beautiful Wainui Beach enjoying the sunrises over the horizon. The 2 months in Kansas was once again a pleasant escape from a wet NZ winter and instead experienced a Kansas City heatwave. The hottest summer on record - 100 F day after day. I loved it but the locals hated it. I taught numerous workshops there on Anti-ageing, Definition of Health (according to Ayurveda) and Iridology. I love the teaching aspect of what I can share. My background is in teaching (Primary School teacher and BEd in Adult Education) so obviously I have an interest in education. I believe part of the journey of learning is to back it up with experience then share it with those who are interested in your knowledge.

I didn't move far within Kansas City except to teach workshops. My idle time was spent reading books on yoga philosophy, doing yoga, lazing by a beautiful apartment pool, sitting under a tree by a man made lake on a trail I often walked, and eating fresh good food that is relatively cheap still in the US.

I'm home working in my clinic, trying to ride a shortboard again (6' 4") and giving my cat plenty of affection (deprived when I was away).

Joshua Mutscheller